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  • Swiss Cheese Force

    Mobile Game App Swiss Cheese Force English:Swiss Cheese Force is a skill-based game where the yellow cheese ball has to be navigated to the mouse by tilting the mobile phone. The ball must not fall into a cheese hole, otherwise the game is lost. The faster you reach the mouse, the more points you earn.…

  • Android APP: HEX BIN DEC OCT Base Converter

    Google Play Store Base Converter Looking to make conversions between hex, oct, bin, and dec on-the-go? Look no further than our mobile app! We understand how important privacy is to our users. That’s why our mobile app is completely free of data tracking and advertising. With our easy-to-use interface, you can quickly convert between these…

  • Detecting TOR Communication in Network Traffic from your Clients

    Sniffer detects TOR (The Onion Router) Traffic from your Network Clients. IPv4 & IPv6 supported. Github Download TOR Session Sniffer Example Output:

  • Face Recognition with Python

    Example code with the Python face_recognition module: Github: face recognition